Merry Christmas From Heuer Piano Service

What a year it has been! 2019 has come to an end with a wonderful holiday experience. I had a piano tuning in Dallas with a great new client who reminds me why I am in this business. I truly feel called to tune and repair pianos and to provide the best possible in-home piano service that I can. I left with warm feelings of the holidays as I drove past the beautiful Christmas lights of Highland Village.

Here is little Christmas piano nostalgia for the season!

good used piano

Undervalued Used Pianos - The Everett Upright

Quick Tip For Those Searching For Good Quality Used Pianos.

I went out for a piano tuning today and came across another Everett upright. I am always impressed by these pianos but no one seems to think they are anything special. For those looking for a good quality older piano I would highly recommend Everett. I think their quality is comparable to Yamaha or Kawai but since they lack any real name recognition you could pick on of these up for much less!

Everett Piano Company