Piano Tuning And Repair

Piano Tuning Schedule

Below is the typical tuning schedule for some of our residential and commercial customers.  Some pianos require more frequent tunings depending on the amount of use the piano receives.

6 Month Tunings

For a home piano where family members are taking piano lessons and practicing 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

3 Month Tunings

For churches or synagogues that use their piano for two services a week and play with other musical instruments and artists.

Concert Tunings

For venues like the Eisemann Center, The Meyerson or The Moody Performance Hall where famous artists perform on the concert grands.

piano tuning

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning is a difficult skill to master. It takes years of experience to acquire the ability to do it well.  A piano is an inharmonic instrument. This means that the intervals (thirds, fourths, fifths, etc.) are not tuned pure, but are tuned tempered. The most common form of tempered piano interval tuning is known as equal temperament.  After a piano tuner understands equal temperament, he or she must then acquire a physical coordination with their arm and tuning hammer. This is known as tuning hammer technique. Becoming a professional piano technician is much like becoming a professional artist or singer. Artists are able to use their hands to paint a masterpiece. Singers are able to control their vocal abilities allowing a pleasant performance for their audience.  A professional piano technician is able to restore a piano to its maximum potential as a music producing instrument.

Most manufacturers recommend that pianos be tuned twice a year.   A new piano requires a minimum of three to four tunings in the first year to compensate for the breaking in and stretching of the new piano strings.  Pianos that are not tuned for more than a year often require a pitch raise before they can receive a tuning that will be stable at A440 pitch.

The Importance Of Piano Tuning

All pianos need regular tuning and maintenance to sound pleasing to the ear. If you have purchased or inherited a piano for your kids to begin playing or taking piano lessons it is especially important to have the piano well tuned. This will give the young student the chance to develop good musical pitch and will greatly increase the chances that they will enjoy and continue playing the piano.

We offer appointments in the evening and on Saturday to help accommodate the busy schedules of our families. To schedule a tuning today please contact us or you may schedule online on our booking page.

Service Area

I travel all over the DFW Metroplex for piano tuning appointments. I even have some clients as far as Jacksboro to the West and Commerce/Sulphur Springs to the East. If you live outside the DFW area and are in need of piano servicing don’t hesitate to contact me and see if you can set something up. There may be an additional fee for mileage which can be greatly reduced if there are several people in town in need of piano service at the same time!