Piano Voicing

Voicing is the process of modifying the piano’s tone or quality of sound by altering the felt of piano hammers. Voicing improves the tone quality of the piano. To add voicing to your regular piano services will greatly improve the sound of your instrument. Voicing helps to achieve the following goals:

The Objective Of Voicing

  •  Obtaining an even sounding tone throughout the entire keyboard
  • Achieving an overall brighter or softer tone
  • Allowing for a difference in tone color throughout the range of the piano or through the use of the una corda (shift or soft pedal) on a high quality grand piano.

Other factors can also affect the tone of a piano in addition to the piano hammers.  Some examples are the room acoustics, the piano lid position, and the location of the piano within the room.  I consider all of these factors as well as your personal preferences when voicing a piano.

Different brands of hammers have their own characteristic tones.  They can be very bright (like Yamaha or Kawai pianos), more soft and warm (like Steinway or Bosendorfer pianos), or somewhere in between.  When new hammers are installed you will get an all new tone quality for the piano.